European Leisure Group

The European Leisure Management Group
is one of the world’s leading independent multipurpose venue developers and managers.
We build, develop, own and manage venues globally, both privately and for Councils or Governments in the Asia-Pacific region,USA and Europe.

Venues include Entertainment Centres and Centres of Entertainment (including bowling alleys, trampoline parks and commercial/retail/residential developments).

Some quotes about the Vector/Sparks Arena:
"This is a world leading venue. We are grateful to Vector and its Board (including Michael Jacobsen), as well as Auckland City Council for making this a reality for the people of Auckland and New Zealand."
The Right Honorable Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Former Mayor of Auckland, Dick Hubbard has said that Auckland City Council is extremely proud to have led the development of the 12,000-seat arena:
"Vector Arena is a true success story and an absolute asset to Auckland. It is setting the city alight - attracting the best of the best internationally, like moths to a flame."